I attended the New England Camera Club Council annual conference, 7-16 to 7-18, on the campus of the U of Mass, Amherst. The workshops were very good to excellent and the conference was quite worthwhile.

The conference staged a number of photo opportunities, including a group of skydivers who landed early this morning among a throng of eager photographers. Not nearly as spectacular as advertised or expected, but still a fine morning to be out in the fresh air!

This one was taken with my trusty 300 f4 L IS set on manual exposure (f11 at 1/800, iso 800). Minimal processing in Lightroom 3. Virtually no noise reduction needed. Click to enlarge.

Although I did not come to do much photography, I did get some interesting photos. This little skipper was having breakfast by the lake while we were waiting for the skydivers.

I will post other photos in the following days.

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