Something Old and Something New

Window and Arch

Back to Stockbridge yesterday for a nice lunch with friends at the Red Lion Inn. The camera comes with me even though I have seen this town many times over the years (including one visit earlier this summer).

It seems I can always find some new and interesting subject with which to make an image despite being here so often. It never fails to amaze that photographers don’t take their cameras with them or don’t use it if they have one hanging around their neck.

As the great pro, Chase Jarvis has said, “The best camera is the one that’s with you. Every day”. He was talking about the iPhone camera he carries with him (and the amazing photos has has taken with that device). Check out his “best camera” web site for more on his iPhone app. He also has an interesting video podcast – see iTunes.

I think his comment applies to any camera you happen to have. As they say, “don’t leave home without it” :}

This image is of a window and archway caught in sun and shadow near the Red Lion. Taken with the trusty Tamron at 17mm and converted to black and white in Lightroom 3. The black and white conversion takes a bit of time but produces decent results.   Should I have enough money one day I will get the Nik Silver Effects filter.

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