Street Photography

No posts for a while. But here is a photo to illustrate some of my recent experiments with black and white interpretations for my street photos. This one was taken in the SoHo area of lower Manhattan. It is a grab shot of a women walking in front of a window display of two manikins. I like the position of the two models in the background with the women in the foreground.

Street grab shots taken with the Tamron 17-50 f2.8 – wide angle at waist level. Concept here is to catch subject in a very candid way – unlikely to know that a photo is being taken. Other shots in this group were taken with the same lens but at eye level.

The image was post-processed using Aperture 3. I converted it to black and white using the built-in pre-sets and fine tuning. A strong vignette was applied and I lightened the foreground subject using the filter brushes. A cool effect.

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