The Web (the micro version)

Spider and Web

This is a nice example of a macro shot of a spider in her (his?) web with the late afternoon sun capturing the orb and owner. Shot with the terrific Canon 100 2.8 F Macro on a tripod (of course).

This was a particularly difficult shot because a mild wind was blowing the web back and forth just enough to upset my careful focusing. Used the burst mode to taken a number of rapid-fire shots. This one and another were the best.

Notice the very shallow depth of field – the spider and the web in the same plane (right and left) are sharp while the rest of the web is not. Probably no more than a few millimeters of sharp focus in this shot.

BTW, I originally composed this photo as a color one but later thought it would look better in black and white. Taken on the Normans Kill East preserve trail (Delmar).

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