Artist and Muse

girl and painter painter smDoes the artist on the left look like the artwork she is copying? Is the artist wearing a talis?  Where is the world is this pair? Well, to answer these questions: the girl on the left is a student in St. Petersburg, Russia. The artist seems to have on a shawl to guard against the drafts. And, this is all taking place in the Hermitage Museum where students are allowed to practice in front of famous and quite valuable pieces until the place officially opens for business in the morning. We were there first thing in the am. On the afternoon that we were there, a certain president with the initials V.P. was visiting, too.

On the right is an image of an artist painting a girl. A sort of alternative to the one on the left. Where is this one? In the Piazza Navona in Rome where you can see the Bernini fountains, lots of cafés and artists (with art works for sale, of course). And a lively crowd of people. Both of these images represent an approach to “street” or candid photography.


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