About Flowers


One of my favorite flower subjects are daisies. Why? (1) they are everywhere and (2) the offer a nearly endless array of variation in composition.

Here is a typical arrangement of three daisies with only the one in the foreground in sharp focus. This type of composition is purposeful and is employed to draw the eye to the key part of the image. Notice the subtle white of the petals and the soft yellow of the stamen. This photo was taken in shade – the delicate quality of the flower is simply not possible in the glare of direct and overhead sunlight (an error of most casual photographers).

The image was taken with the Canon 300 f4 L IS lens. It is a long focal length but can focus close for this type of outstanding image. I use the lens for birds, flowers and butterflies. It was an expensive indulgence but well worth the cost. See a small collection of other wildflowers at http://bit.ly/clRyfK

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