Sunrise Seen by the “Eye of the Master”

Sunrise on the Beach

I went to photograph the sunrise at the end of Worth Avenue and the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach, Florida. On the road at 5:30 am this morning, we set up at Ocean Avenue and Worth with about 12 other photographers from the PBC PhotoWalkers Meetup Group.

The light came up fast. This image was made through the arch in the Clock Tower at the foot of Worth Avenue. Three photographs at 0. +2 and -2 exposure values were taken from Lightroom 3 into Photomatix to produce this fantastic high dynamic range, or HDR, image.

This image captures the golden light of the early morning perfectly!

The eye of the master will do more work than both hands.

This sentence was written in 1744 by none other than Ben Franklin (Poor Richards Almanac).  Found (by me) this evening in a fortune cookie at a Chinese resaurant, it aptly describes my sentiment about today’s photo outing. While many photographers in our group were good at seeing interesting things to make images from, a few complained about “nothing to shoot” or”the sunrise is better elsewhere”. Good photographers are best at seeing things others can not. Just my “two cents”.

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