Visit to Hildene


We went to Hildene today on a bright and pleasant fall day. Hildene is the home and estate of the son of Abe Lincoln, Robert Todd Lincoln. It was built in 1905 near Manchester, VT.

This is a view of rear of the house from the gardens that overlook the Green Mountains. The house and surrounding 400+ acres were in the hands of Lincoln descendants until 1975 (when the direct Lincoln line ceased to exist).

Garden at Hildene

Robert Todd became quite wealthy as the chairman of the Pullman Company (reputed to be the largest manufacturing company at the turn of the 20th century). There is a 1,000 pipe organ in the entry way which plays periodically (although from electronic versions of the original music rolls).

Hildene (which means hills and valley) has a formal garden which is in the form of a Gothic cathedral stained glass window. Additional photos are in my SmugMug Gallery in the Landscape category.

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