Black and white using Lightroom and Topaz Adjust

In the Woods

During my hike in the woods of the eastern portion of the Normanskill Conservancy trail, I took many photos of the woods. This wonderful old tree trunk caught my attention because of its interesting structure.

The image was taken with the Tamron 17-50mm lens at 46mm. After some basic post-processing in Lightroom 3 in which I adjusted overall exposure, etc.  I edited the image in Topaz Adjust 4. I used the clarify filter to bring out some of the detail.

The image (now a tiff) was converted into black and white. I also brought down the overall brightness of the photo and then used the adjustment brush to bring back some of the lightness of the tree trunk to focus the viewer’s eye on this key part of the image. I also used the clarity slider to heighten the details.

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