Tuba Player

Another image from the photo vault. Memorial Day, a long time ago, in good old Delmar, NY where we lived for most of our adult lives.

We stood at the center of town watching the traditional parade and a wonderful brass band came marching down Delaware Avenue. Here is one of those band members, a fine tuba player puffing along.

So, now I am in my digital painting mode. Into the usual mix I put that Tuba and out came this nice digital painting.

In honor of today’s celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Japanese surrender to end WWII. It took place on the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, September 2, 1945. The Emperor had announced the surrender of Imperial Japan on August 25 and this was the official ceremony. Leading the American delegation were Admiral Nimitz and General Douglas McArthur. President Truman declared this day to be called V-J Day (Victory in Japan) – now that is all but forgotten. One of my uncles served in the Pacific Theatre.

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