Abstracts & the UMass Campus

Benches and Tiles

The campus of the Univ. of Mass, Amherst (the NECCC photo convention was held) is an interesting mixture of old-style Ivy-league buildings and glass and concrete modern architecture.

The modern styles offered the most interesting photo opportunities. It was amazing to me that with all the “advanced amateur” photographers, few had any interest in making these images. I watched as attendees passed by without a glance. It was only after several saw me focused on these subjects, that a few began to recognize the potential (rather than the expensive cameras and lens hung around their necks).


The first two images are outside and adjacent to the campus center – a tall concrete building with a bunker-like entrance. Who said that harsh light of midday was a poor time to take photos? I like the interesting play of light and dark on the stark lines of the outdoor benches and the steps leading up to second level of the campus center.

Glass and Shadows

The final image was taken in the morning as I entered the ISB, Integrated Science Building (where some of the class sessions were held). I was drawn to the play of lines, glass and shadow caused by the sunlight streaming through the windows.

All images lent themselves to presentation in black and white. Original color photos were converted to black and white in Lightroom 3. Images made with the Canon 40D+Tamron 17-55 f2.8 lens.  Grain was deliberately emphasized for the illustrative and film-like style. Please click on the images for a larger view.

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