Bumble Bee at Lunch

Bumble Bee

While we were having our lunch at the Landis Arboretum, so too were a flock of bumble bees feasting on nectar at a nearby bistro. The photo at right captures one hungry member of the clan as it drinks nectar and eats pollen (the only two things bumble bees like to eat).

According to my research, a full bumble bee stomach will enable the critter to fly for about 40 minutes. The bees are apparently not especially particular about the flower they habituate since there are dozens of species on their menu.

Click on the photo for a nice large image showing the bees anatomy close up. In this view, you can see the large delicate forewings, the head, thorax and abdomen (in that order front to back).  Not seen here is the sting – I did not want to get that close!

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