NYC Skyline Panorama


This image was taken last Wednesday evening on my trip to the Bronx Zoo and the Brooklyn Bridge. The view is from a park just south of the Brooklyn Bridge overlooking the East River looking toward Manhattan. The Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge ends near Canal Street.

The panorama is made up of 7 separate photographs. Each image was captured after the camera was moved slightly from south to north carefully overlapping a portion of each photo. I used the Tamron 17-50 mm lens at 17 mm.

The resulting photos were brought into Adobe Photoshop CS5 from Adobe Lightroom 3 using panorama export. Photoshop then “stitched” each overlapping image. The final cropped and straighted image was enhanced using Topaz Adjust 4.

Although creating a “pano” from these large files size images requires a lot of computer memory – after several abortive trials, much frustration and perseverance, the actual panorama production could not be easier using Photoshop. Click on the image for an awesome larger view.

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