Murray at Day 6

No obvious changes to Murray at day 6 during his stay as a¬†pupa. No point in taking any photos. However, there was a big change in Murray’s location. Because we will be away, Murray has been relocated to the watchful eyes of my grandchildren (and their parents). Murray, be brave and let us both hope that all goes well!

If Murray is¬†female, the big reveal will occur on day 9 (Sunday). But if Murray is indeed a male, he will become a butterfly on day 10. Hopefully Murray’s caretakers will take pictures of him while I am away and I will include those is his biography! The obvious indicator that Murray is soon to become a¬†butterfly¬†is when the¬†pupa¬†turns from green to black. Then he will shed the pupa and begin to pump fluid into his wings. After the wings dry, he will detach from the pupa case and fly.

At that point in his life cycle, Murray must fly away. We can’t take care of him anymore because he needs nectar and the freedom to migrate to Mexico (hope he has his passport).

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