“AW, Do I have to?”

Aw, do I have to?

I could not believe my incredible luck in this image. As I often do in “street” photography, I hold the camera at waist height and with the 17-50mm lens, shoot at wide angle (in this case, 37mm). Most decent images are pure luck. You never really know what you are going to get until you see the image afterwards.

But these candid photos sometimes prove very interesting, as it did in this striking image of what appears to be a mom, son and daughter caught in a all too real pose. The boy is perfectly framed by the adult (mom?) and girl (sister?). I can only imagine that the boy is saying, “aw, do we have to (you fill in the blank)”?

What makes the image even more striking is the two women not only have the same mirror-image pose, but look alike. Converted to black and white in LR3.

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