Gourd Still-life

Gourd Collection

An autumn still-life is most colorful when using common garden-grown gourds. These were purchased in Walmart at a bargain price. The bale, on sale at Michaels, was used a the backdrop for the set-up.

A series of images were made with the Canon 28-135 and the Canon 100 macro. This photo is taken with the later on a tripod. After post-processing in LightRoom 3, I used Topaz Adjust 4 to enhance the details and character of the items.

The gourd is supposed to be earliest domesticated plant and were used vessels. The gourd is not native to the American continents but were “imported” by early people from Asia. They are in the family, Cucurbitaceae, and the genus, Lagenaria. This entire set-up will be transported to Florida to become our Autumn in Lake Worth diorama!

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