Gatorland Photos

Two immature great egrets.

Spent last Thursday afternoon and Friday morning at the Gatorland rookery. Lot of birds and lots of gators. Walked along the boardwalk – each side had a great view. Gatorland is near Orlando and is generally a tourist attraction. But there is a rookery (nesting area for birds) to the rear of the property where photographers have access to a wonderful wildlife area.

My visit here and to Middleton’s Fish Camp on Blue Cypress lake was part of the “photo safari” that I took with four other friends who are as nuts about taking bird pictures as I am :}

Mostly great egrets, a few snowy egrets, a bunch of cattle egrets and a smattering of tricolors. Lots of egret nests and chicks/immature birds. Also, some little green herons and nests with chicks.

Saw one roseate spoonbill but the best were all the wood storks and their nests with immature birds. Also saw some “baby” anhingas closeup. Large american croc – and I do mean large and in large quantities. Most interesting was the morning “bellowing”. Lots of BIF but we used hotdogs to get the egrets to fly energetically.

See a bunch of the best on my Smugmug site. Newly upgraded and enhanced.

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