Ospreys at Middleton’s Fish Camp

Adult Osprey

Went to Middleton’s Fish Camp on Blue Cypress Lake yesterday to shoot Ospreys and Osprey nests. Blue Cypress Lake is in the middle of nowhere – nearest town is Yew Haw Junction. Completely undeveloped and pristine – a gorgeous lake bounded by cypress forests.

We went out in a pontoon boat – pretty stable platform from which to shoot. Got fairly close to the nesting areas. My big beautiful telephoto lens got a workout.

This is one of the many photos taken of the Ospreys. This adult Osprey is coming in for a landing on the top of a mostly dead tree (their preferred nesting area). Besides the mature adults there were quite a few immature individuals in nests.

Go to http://digitalkarl.smugmug.com to see a selection of images.

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